To the skies

by Dan — on


Got around to getting this website launched once again. Found this really great theme for Grav by Hossain Mohd Faysal and ported to Grav over at Still getting it to how I'd like it to look, but it's a great theme!

As for Grav, it's a real snappy little CMS. Flat file and configured with yaml and comes with twig support. Funny how for the longest time the drive was to use databases for CMS, but a simple flat file structure does just fine.

As for the choice of the cover picture, figured it was a good start for relaunching my personal site. I've always have been fascinated by eagles, not just as an apex predator but also their nature. An eagle will give in to a superior opponent but not without trying to fight. You could almost say that eagles know when to surrender.

Let's see how this rolls!